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Dumskaya square

The smallest and most beautiful square of Odessa, where a lot of things always happen: celebration of the New year with a friendly crowd, official opening of Humorina or together holding a meeting as there work members of the City Council and the town-hall is located. In its history Dumskaya square had different names - Exchange and Commune. The Exchange square - because the current building of the Duma was built in 1834 for a merchant Exchange. Architect Franz Boffo designed it in the antique style; the two wings of the building were connected by a double colonnade, and behind it was a patio. In the process of later permutations, the patio became the lobby, leaving only the outer row of columns.


Above the columns there is a clock and sculpture group "Day and Night". Two feminine figures symbolize the inexorable passage of time. The clock plays the melody of the official anthem of the city - "Song about Odessa" from the operetta "White acacia" of Dunayevsky. A short piece can be heard every half hour, every hour - the whole verse: "And in my heart, you're everywhere with me, Odessa - my hometown!"


In niches on the right and left of the entrance to the building there is a sculpture of Ceres (goddess of fertility) and Mercury (patron of Commerce), created by the sculptor Luigi Iorini. It is often noted with irony that the patron of trade installed on the building of government. The City Council moved into the building in the late nineteenth century, when speculators built a New exchange at the corner of Pushkinskaya and Bunin streets. Now there is Odessa Philharmonic Hall.

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