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Villa le Premier

From the time of birth of the Black Sea Pearl and the building of the central part of Odessa, the district of Big Fountain that spreads along the Black Sea coast of the city, has become the place of rest, sea bathing, invigoration and inhabitation of Odessa aristocracy of XVIII–XIX centuries. From that moment this fabulous district was praised by great classics and in well-known songs about legendary city by the sea. The legends of the past and the present admired not only this part of the hero-city, but splendid nature.  It was nature, which attracted our ancestors to the Big Fountain. There's nothing like fog-covered sea slopes in the morning, crimson leaves under the sweet south sunbeams in the afternoon, odorous scent of sea breeze with lilac, acacia and grapes in the evening.

That’s exactly why in 2012 on the shore of the Black Sea, on the site of the antique villa which has kept the memory of its magnificent past, а new masterpiece was born – a modern five star hotel Villa le Premier.

Villa le Premier is an ultramodern five-star hotel of LUXURY class that confirmed the quality of provided services according to CERTIFICATION ISO-9001.

On August 29 th, 2012, the hotel became the winner of “Odessa Quality” awards and was acknowledged as the market leader of hotel services with the highest quality of European service and professional management , with rich experience in hotel business and setting of Euro standards and service.

Exquisite and efficient combination of Mediterranean style and modern technology is embodied in the interior of the hotel. Hotel room capacity, the infrastructure of the pool will fully satisfy the most demanding guests. Availability of all the variety of provided services that meet standard international requirements, dislocation of the hotel close to the beach and well-known in Europe club Ibiza will make your vacation or business trip in Odessa unforgettable.

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