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Wedding Palace

Wedding Palace - the former building of the banking house “M. Ashkenazi ". The house overlooking Deribasovskaya and Rishelievskaya was one of the best in the city back then: military leaders rented housing here, including Alexander Suvorov himself.

Moreover, the Duke de Richelieu lived in this house for about six months in 1804 - 1805. Now the houses at 12 Deribasovskaya and 4 Rishelievskaya are more likely two different buildings, although they are close to each other. Probably, the fact is that part of the Poggio house, overlooking Richelievskaya, was rebuilt according to the project of the famous S.A. Landesman in 1910. The building was originally built for a banking institution. Later, the registry office was located here. To accommodate this institution, repairs were also required. During the renovation of the building where the Wedding Palace is located, the builders faced considerable difficulties: since the building was originally intended for a bank, the repairmen could not break through additional windows in the heavy-duty walls.

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