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Wax museum

When approaching astonishing Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre, one should glance at the historical building on the left and enter to meet Catherine The Great; the founding fathers of Odessa - Josef de Ribas, Duke de Richelieu, Count Aleksandr Lanzheron; Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin and his spouse, famous natives of the city as well as its not less famous guests. The Wax Museum was established in 1998 through the efforts of A. I. Pavlovskyy, Odessan businessman and patron, and it is "inhabited" by 26 animated exhibits. Due to the skill of Saint-Petersburg's expert museum employees, the wax doubles are made to closely resemble their living alter-egos: Former city governors appear as if discussing today's city affairs; literary men Zhukovskyy, Pushkin and Gogol are having a mute dialogue about art... Musical background creates a mysterious atmosphere and a voice not only informs "who is who", but adds suitable sound-tracks to the exhibits: a printing machine is tapping - attention - Yevgeniy Petrov and Ilya Ilf are working on their famous books, 12 Chairs and The Golden Calfnovels, while nearby the hoarse voice of Vladimir Vysotskyy, who was a famous poet and actor.

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