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Vorontsovsky Lighthouse

The main lighthouse of the Odessa port, installed in the head of the Raidovoy mole in 1955, was made in Kronstadt.

The modern lighthouse has an interesting prehistory.

In the first years of the Odessa port construction, 200 vessels arrived here in 1795. They used the Hadzhibey lighthouse.

In 1827, at the Great Fountain, next to the Uspensky Monastery, a new lighthouse was placed, meeting the safety requirements of increasing shipping. This lighthouse was the first capital structure of this kind in the Northern Black Sea region. It was intended for the orientation of ships on long-range approaches to Odessa. However, the realities were such that one lighthouse was not enough. We needed a lighthouse directly at the port entrance.

Therefore, at the end of the Military Mall, the Rishelyevsky Lighthouse was placed. However, in the process of building up the Quarantine Pier the position of the ship's passage changed. A new lighthouse was built in 1843. It was a wooden structure for which kerosene lanterns were raised at night and a yellow flag in the daytime. In 1854, the lighthouse was destroyed in connection with the outbreak of the Crimean War. It was restored on May 20, 1859, but it was not perfect, it needed a replacement. Therefore, the history of the Pleiads of the Vorontsov lighthouses began on the Quarantine mole.

The first was installed in 1863. To build it, for the first time in Odessa, were used tubing. A tower of light, crowned with a special lantern. The lighthouse was opened on November 8, 1863, on the day of the opening of the monument to M. S. Vorontsov on Cathedral Square, which is why he was called Vorontsovsky. The first Vorontsovsky lighthouse was dismantled and in 1898, it was set in 5 km from Cape Sarych of the Crimean Peninsula, where Foros is located. The lighthouse works to this day.

The second Vorontsov lighthouse was consecrated on November 20, 1888, and was installed at the end of the Raidovoye mole. It was a white cast-iron tower. The lighthouse was equipped with a light-optical apparatus. It gave a revolving light with flashes of red. In 1911, the lighthouse was equipped with a pneumatic siren. September 15, 1941, during the defense of Odessa, it was blown up, not to serve as a reference point for aviation and artillery of the enemy.

After the World War II, a wooden mast with an acetylene lantern was temporarily installed on the ruins of the lighthouse. The modern (third) Vorontsov lighthouse was built in 1955 by the newly established Chernomgorzhydrostroy trust. This event symbolically completed a decade of colossal labor, because of which the port was raised from the ashes of the ruins left to us by fascism. During this time, a foundation was created for further successful development of the port, including the modern one.

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