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The Museum of Odessa Modern Art

The Museum of Odessa Modern Art was created on the 10th of April 2008 by a young businessman, intellectual and patron of the arts Vadim Morokhovsky. It is based on the renowned collector Mikhail Knobel’s unique collection of the masters of the second wave of the Odessa avant-garde. This collection has been considerably enlarged and complemented. At present the MоOMA exhibits the art of leading painters and sculptors of Odessa of the turn of the XXI century.

The pride of the museum are the halls dedicated to the non-conformist art of Odessa: a special hall dedicated to the legendary “fence” exhibition of Valentin Khrushch and Stanislav Sychev that laid the foundation, in 1967, of the history of exhibitions which couldn’t be allowed in the USSR, and a reproduction of an apartment exhibition of the 1970s nonconformists.

No less interesting are the halls that reflect the revolutionary events in the art of Odessa in the 1980s and 90s: the formation within the Odessa underground of a group of conceptualists and of “South-Russian trans-avant-garde”. A deep aesthetic satisfaction will, no doubt, be provided to visitors by the halls dedicated to the first Soviet abstractionist of Odessa, the artist and dissident Oleg Sokolov, to the emergence of the Odessa school and to its leader Yuri Yegorov.

The exhibition of the 21st century art confirms the well-known truth about life going on: new artists with new ideas and new subjects appear in Odessa. They are capable of winning fame for this city.

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