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The house of A. P. Russov
The house of A. P. Russov

In 1898, construction began on a building for a wealthy businessman - Alexander Petrovich Rusov. This house was one of the first or even the first building on his order, in subsequent years he will build more than a dozen of three or four-storey residential buildings. The project was carried out by the architect V.I.Schmidt, his assistant L.N. Chernigov took part in drawing up the drawings. Despite the small size of the site, a very massive four-storey house was built with a lot of sculptural decoration and large apartments. The first floor was intended for shops, where large fashionable trading establishments were located, among which was the pharmacy of Anton Erazmovich Gaevsky and Alexander Nikolaevich Popovsky.

07/22/1908 A. P. Russov dies, the inheritance is distributed between his sons and practically all of the houses of Russov remain in the ownership of the heirs, but the plot on Sadovaya Street was sold to A. E. Gaevsky in the year of A. P. Russov's death. Simultaneously with the acquisition of a plot on Sadovaya, Gaevsky sold his plot at 19 Elisavetinskaya Street, where only four years before that, a three-story apartment building had been built by Gaevsky's order.

After the establishment of Soviet power, the apartments of the house were converted into communal ones, the number of families in houses increased significantly. Gaevsky's pharmacy was nationalized; in 1982, pharmacy No. 1 is located at this address.

After the establishment of the independence of Ukraine, the pharmacy was privatized, one of A. Popovsky's descendants - Nelya Iosifovna Popovskaya, became its owner, the pharmacy was again named "Gaevsky's pharmacy".

On October 29, 2009, a large fire broke out on the upper floors of the southern front part of the building. As a result of the fire, the building was significantly damaged, all residents were resettled from it, but Gaevsky's pharmacy on the left side of the first floor continued to work. In the fall of 2012, a fire broke out on the lower floors of the building, on 10.10.2013 a fire occurred between the second and third floors. For more than 10 years it was in disrepair. Thanks to the efforts of the city authorities, in 2018, work began on the restoration of the Russov house with its adaptation to a public building. At the end of 2019, the opening ceremony of the facade of the House of Russov took place.

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