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The Green Theater

The Green Theater at Shevchenko park is the first and only amphitheater in the open air in Odessa. At the beginning of 1930s, it set new standards in the cultural life of the city and was considered one of the most visited and sought after summer concert venues. In the 21st century, Impact Hub Odessa set out to renew the Green Theater. Not so much with the help of bricks and cement, as embodying in the old object modern ideas about a qualitative and useful rest.

It was decided to unite the theater and park formats, as well as transform the usual place for concerts and walks into something more. Thus was born the Green Theater of the XXI century - a multifunctional public space for inspiration, development and recreation. This is the only theater and park zone in Ukraine, which offers a set of cultural, educational and environmental activities (concerts, lectures, film screenings, etc.).

In May 2016, the "Green" opened its doors in a completely new status - a multifunctional public space for recreation, work, education and the implementation of environmental initiatives.

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