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Bridge of mother-in-law
Bridge of mother-in-law

Mother’s-in-law Bridge is a miniature copy of the Bridge of Grand Duchess Charlotte in Luxembourg, which was built in 1965. The first official name of the Mother’s-in-law bridge - Komsomolskiy. However, it is hardly known. It is going to be calledKomsomolskiy in the Soviet time, because then Boulevard Zhvanetskogo was called KomsomolskiyBoulevard. Subsequently, it was named the Captain's. However, in our time neither one nor the other name does not appear anywhere.

Mikhail SafronovichSinica, the first secretary of the regional party committee, in 1970s supposedly went on this bridge to visit his mother-in-law, whose pancakes he loved very much. He and his mother-in-law lived allegedly at different boulevards and he did not like to walk a circuitous route over the Sabaneev Bridge. So there was an idea of building an expensive direct footbridge, which almost did not have any communication value for the city. However, there is an evidence that Sinica’s mother-in-law lived in the City Garden area, so he could go to her by the Seaside Boulevard across the Gogol street, but a bridge was built for this would be unlikely to become.  On the other hand, Sinica was a mayor, no doubt about it, and to the creation of the bridge has some relation. Moreover, mother-in-law in Odessite’s life is not on the last place!

There is another story connected with a feature of the bridge. Because of it’s design, it is sensitive for swinging in the wind. If you just stop and listen, you can feel how the bridge "walks" underfoot. Moreover, if you jump at the same time together with somebody, it is impossible not to feel the vibrations. It is said that students-physicist used this tradition of rocking the bridge on the day of the Physics Faculty. So, if the bridge swings – it means treacherous, mother’s-in-laws ... Or, in another version, it whips as her tongue. In general, fantasy and humor of Odessites are endless!

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