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Secrets of underground Odessa

The museum “Secrets of underground Odessa” is a project of public organization of military historical club “Voinskaya Doblest” (Warrior’s Valor). The source of idea belongs to a small group of like-minded individuals who love their city and its history.

The excursion starts from the surface and lowering further in catacombs. You go deeper into history of our city and learning a lot of interesting. 

The catacombs of Odessa is the network of underground passages and labyrinths under the city. The most part of catacombs (95-97%) were the quarries. There was shelly limestone mines which had been used for building of the most part of city. Also there are some natural karst caves. Now the overall length of Odessa catacombs is estimated around 2.5 – 3 thousands kilometers. The catacombs’ climate is the same during the whole year – temperature +14°С, moisture 90%. 

In different time catacombs took important place in lives of odessans. In 18-19 centuries catacombs were used by smugglers, bandits for their dark deeds, and served as jails for kidnapped women sold in slavery.

In times of Revolution catacombs served as hideouts for typographers of Bolsheviks press. During the war catacombs were used by partisans and guerillas against German and Romanian occupants. In times of Cold War the system of catacombs was used for building of antinuclear bunkers. 

If you visit the museum you can not only listen to these and other stories but see how it was happening with your own eyes.

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