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Stroganovsky bridge
Stroganovsky bridge

Stroganovsky bridge stretches along Grecheskaya street above the upper part of Devloanovsky spusk and Polsky spusk. 

It was built in 1853-1863 years. Architect F.Gonsiorovsky, engineer K.Maevsky.

The bridge was named after Governor-General of Novorossiya count Alexander Grigorievitch Stroganov, a honorary citizen of Odessa, president of association of history and antiquities of Odessa, one of the initiators of Novorossiysky university founding, the participant of war 1812 year.

High railings of the bridge bring its attention at once. It was built almost right after construction had finished due to jumpers.

This is the longest bridge in Odessa, its length is about 120 meters and height is more than 13 meters.

The bridge was a rather difficult construction that consisted literally of two bridges: two-arched above the Devolanovsky spusk and three-arched above the Polsky spusk. 

In the beginning of 80s of XX-century the bridge was reconstructed, its stone pillars were replaced by reinforced concrete ones.

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