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Square «Palais Royal»

Square “Palais Royal” is a secret attraction of the city, as it is hidden from the eyes by the surrounding buildings. Visit it means to touch the other, romantic, thoughtful, calm side of Odessa. But, as every corner of the city is fine, you can admire the beautiful ancient sculptures.

Cozy garden, which emerged in the middle of the XIX century and has remained till nowadays. It gives feel of peace and tranquility to everybody who comes here to rest from the city vanity. Trees are growing in the garden in the form of St. Andrew's cross, and alley in the garden are divided diagonally and decorated with sculptures . In the center of the garden there is a fountain . It is a bronze figure of a girl sitting on the stone under an umbrella.

Originally this place was a military square.

After the transfer of the venue of the parades on the Cathedral Square place was used as a trade area. In 1842 under the project of the Odessa architect G. Torricelli shopping arcades were built (Palais Royal).On the territory in front of trade rows the squarе with fountain has been arranged (the gardener Ludwig Leclaire). In 1990 the statue of Eros and Psyche was installed in the park. With a displacement of trading area to the passage on Deribasovskaya Street at the beginning of the XIX century, the architectural ensemble of trade series was completely rebuilt and the square was one of the places of rest of people.

In the years after the revolution the square stands almost did not cut down for firewood.

In Soviet times, the public garden named Charles Darwin.

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