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Quarantine Arcade (The Powder Tower)
Quarantine Arcade (The Powder Tower)

More than 200 years ago in the Shevchenko Park Turkish fortress Hadzhibey (also called local village) was located. Another name of the fortress is Edi-Dunya. A small fortress overlooked on the steep shore of the bay, a high protective wall with the round towers on the sides was built around it. In the middle of the wall from the sea side was a wide rectangle of the main tower, the arch gate and conical roof.

In many historical documents confirmed the fact that on the territory of the local village Hadzhibey (Kachibey), which is located near the Kachibeyskyi estuary were huge sources of salt. From Kachibey and Perekop salt was delivered in all cities of Kiivskaya Rus. History of Odessa tells about regular unauthorized takeovers of Hadjibeyan salt. But on the scops of Odessa estuaries salt did not get any less. Ащк for this reason people say now: "Odessites know how much a pood of salt costs!".

After the capture by Russian troops the Turkish Hadzhibey fortress in the end of the XVIII century, it was completely destroyed. But as the Russo-Turkish war continued, by the order of Queen Catherine II in 1793 on the shores of Hadzibeevsky Bay began the construction of a new fortress for protection the coast and monitoring sea approaches to the port. The construction was led by Count Alexander Suvorov. The fortress had 5 Bastin and 120 guns. Around the perimeter it was surrounded by walls and moats. The fortress garrison consisted of 2,000 soldiers and officers.

The current state of the fortress requires virtually complete restoration, because only Quarantine Wall, Andrew's Bastion, where in 1891 Alexander Column was established and Powder Tower are now preserved.

Many residents and visitors say that ghosts are walking in the fortress, because these otherworldly creatures like old abandoned buildings. Some claim to have seen here the spirit of the legendary Sonka Golden Hand, who was sent from these places to the penal for life servitude. 

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