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Odessa underwater historical museum

In Odessa, in the waters of the central Langeron Beach is an unusual underwater historical museum. Sergei Zyatikov founded it in April 2012. Sergei is a diver of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. All the exhibits are located under water to a depth of ten meters at a distance of three hundred meters from the shore. Odessa underwater historical museum was created especially for city guests and Odessites who are fond of diving.

The exposition is presented by sculptures of historical figures, naval artifacts of the Great Patriotic War and the Crimean War, as well as anchors of different systems and eras. If you dive under the water, you will find replicas of ancient Greek sculptures, defensive anti-marines structures of the World War II, cast cannonballs, which had sunk in the Black Sea during the Crimean War etc. All this is located amongst beautiful underwater rocks, where you can see various Black Sea species. Every year the exhibition is replenished with new exhibits, which are often found by amateur enthusiastic scuba divers.

Recreational diving tourism is rapidly gaining momentum around the world. Every summer the museum is visited by hundreds of divers, both Ukrainian and foreign. Underwater exhibition is a great opportunity to spend an active and memorable vacation. The museum has become a favorite place for yachts to stop due to its location and diving sight.

The museum is free and open to the public throughout the summer season. It is available not only for experienced divers, but also for beginners. Visitors can be provided by diving equipment, required dive briefing and dive instructor who shows all underwater sights.

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