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Odessa time

Time in Odessa is not as in other cities. Odessa time is measured not even by minutes, but which are distances between the meetings, between beings, between summer and summer, between friends' visits and returns. Here are its own periods and laws

Having the growth of the child, human figures symbolise Odessitsof different generations, nationalities, occupations; there are also odessa cat and dog Zhulka (the so-called dog Boris Litvak) - they are all able, through the efforts of children and adults to whirl in the dance around the clock, — the symbol of the transience of life, where carefree childhood gives way to a happy youth, and of view the geese reach gives rise to the wisdom of man, the infinity of time and possibillities of solely person to speed up the passage of time. There are things that group people, thinking completely different, make adults - a little children, and children are allowed to break the rules; there are events, where meet the past and the future.

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