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Odessa National Polytechnic University

Odessa National Polytechnic University is the oldest higher technical educational institution in the south of Ukraine. ONPU trains specialists in 54 specialties. About 4,000 foreign graduates work in 91 countries. ONPU trains specialists in 54 specialties. ONPU is 11 institutes, 2 faculties, 64 departments, 100 doctors of sciences, professors, 32 academicians and 5 corresponding members of international and republican academies, 450 candidates, associate professors. Training is carried out according to a multilevel system: bachelor, specialist, master. ONPU is a university that has one of the highest rankings among Ukrainian universities, it is one of the best schools for teaching Russian to foreign citizens. ONPU - advanced teaching aids and technologies, modern laboratories and computer classes, local information networks in all buildings with Internet access. ONPU has a library with a book fund - 1,500,000 units, has 5 reading rooms, which can employ 500 people at a time.

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