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Odessa Main Post Office

Monument of local architecture since 1982

Architects: Vladimir Kharlamov (1860-1907), V. A. Dombrovsky. Contractor: foreman A. Dorofeev. The year of construction was 1893–1895.

The building was built specifically for combining all communication services (mail, telegraph) in one complex. The site for construction was elected by a commission specially created for this. The first building in the Russian Empire, specially designed as a communications hub. The building stretched along Sadovaya Street has a huge central hall illuminated through a transparent roof. Until 1917, the post office worked from 8.00 to 20.00, a free wardrobe operated for visitors, and a doorman stood at the entrance. Each of the 26 operating windows of the central hall worked according to its own schedule.

The post office building was badly damaged during World War II, especially when German invaders tried to blow it up before leaving Odessa in 1944. From 1945 to 1962, the post office was located on Gogol Street, 12. The reconstruction project of the post office building (architects Filstein and Mezhibovsky) was approved in 1956, all work was carried out in 1956-1962.

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