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Odessa Conservatory
Odessa Conservatory

Odessa Conservatory (now - Odessa National Music Academy named after A. Nezhdanova) was established on September 8, 1913 on the basis of the Odessa Musical College. On the territory of the Russian Empire, the Odessa Conservatory became the fourth higher educational musical institution - after the St. Petersburg, Moscow and Saratov conservatories. The attraction of outstanding music teachers from Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, St. Petersburg and Moscow ensured the rapid development of the Odessa Conservatory.

Its first rector was the Polish composer, pianist, conductor and musicologist Vitold Malishevsky. Due to this, the Odessa Conservatory already from the very beginning became the highest educational musical institution of the European level. The scale of the creative activity of V. I. Malishevsky was enormous. In the history of the Odessa Conservatory, this personality came not only as a talented leader and musician, but also as a progressive figure.

In subsequent years, the conservatory was headed by: G. Stolyarov. - a talented conductor and active public figure; beautiful conductor Chernyatinsky N.N. ; Dankevich K.F - comprehensively gifted personality, which combined the talent of the composer and conductor, pianist and singer, poet, orator and excellent organizer; composer and musicologist Orfeev S.D. - an authoritative leader who clearly organized the work of all units, maintained strict discipline and, at the same time, with other teachers and students, took part in the "kapystnyak", which became the tradition of the conservatory and the city; Alexander Grigoryevich Manilov is a professor, in the years of leadership of which in 1970 in the hall of the conservatory was established the organ of the firm "Sauer". In 2000, the rector of the Odessa Conservatory was elected Doctor of Arts, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine Alexander Sokol.

During the activity of the Odessa Music Academy, based on the development of musical traditions of the region, the music and pedagogical schools of Peter Stolyarsky, Alexander Stanko (violin), Olga Blagovidova, Galina Polivanova and others known in the country and abroad have been established and received domestic and international recognition.

Among the graduates of the Odessa Music Academy are the names of such world-famous musicians of the past and the present as Emil Gilels, David Oistrakh, Yakov Zak, Bela Rudenko, Tatyana Goldfarb, Raisa Sergienko, heads of choirs - Anatoly Avdiyevsky, Grigory Lioznov, Vitaly Gazinsky, composers - Konstantin Dankevich, Klimentiy Korchmarev, Serafim Orfeyev.

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