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Naval museum of Ukraine
Naval museum of Ukraine

Odessa Museum of the Ukrainian Navy is a maritime museum in Odessa, dedicated to the creation and development of the Ukrainian merchant marine fleet. The museum was founded in 1920 by the sailor and artist V.A. Chentsov.

In 1941-1944, during the Romanian-German occupation of Odessa, most of the pre-war exhibits were stolen. In 1965, the museum resumed its work. The museum is located in the building of the English Club, built in 1842 by the architect Torricelli. The building is a monument of the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

The exposition of the museum is devoted to the history of shipbuilding from primitive times to the present day, the history of the development of the fleet in tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union, and Ukraine.

The museum fund consisted of 100,000 exhibits, such as documents, photographs, maps, manuscripts, technical literature, ship models, navigational instruments and instruments, and an anchor more than 900 years old. The exposition of model ships presents rare ships that were used more than 100 years ago on the Black Sea. A separate place is occupied by the exposition of artistic marine paintings.

From 1965 to 2005, 11 million visitors got acquainted with the museum's exhibits.

On April 29, 2005, a fire broke out in the museum building, which destroyed the roof and ceilings on an area of ​​about 1200 m². In 2007, restoration work began.

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