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Paustovsky Museum
Paustovsky Museum

Many people know who Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky (1892-1968) is, but not everyone knows that he is a direct descendant of Hetman Sagaidachny on his father's line.

With Odessa, Konstantin Paustovsky is connected with several visits: the first time in 1906, the last one - in 1960. The longest period - from 1919 to 1922 he lived and worked here, which was subsequently reflected in his work. About Odessa, he wrote a lot, but the most famous work - the story "Time of Big Expectations" (1959) became a landmark for our city. It was with him, without exaggeration, began the revival of the cultural life of Odessa. Thanks to Konstantin Paustovsky, the whole world learned about literary Odessa, about Odessa writers Isaak Babel, Eduard Bagritsky, Yuri Olesha and other talented Odessaites, whose names for many years undeservedly were hushed up.

Since the publication of this book, both the city and historical sites associated with the Odessa period of Paustovsky's life are of great interest to his admirers. Especially among foreigners who have the opportunity to read his works in 68 languages.

As for the inhabitants of Odessa, they show their love and gratitude to the writer for more than 50 years. Over the years, the story was reprinted four times, one of the libraries of the city was named after Konstantin Paustovsky, in honor of the writer a street was named, a literary prize was created for him, a stove was installed on the Walk of Stars. Initiative odessites organized the Literary Association "Mir Paustovsky", and five years later they also made a proposal to create a museum in the city of Constantine Paustovsky. So, from December 1, 1998 the Odessa Literary Museum has one more branch - the Memorial Museum of K.G. Paustovsky.

The museum is located in the coastal part of the city - on the Black Sea Street. "I fell in love with this small out-of-the-way street and I was sure that it was the most picturesque in the world," wrote Paustovsky in his novel.

On the 125th anniversary of the writer, in May 2017, a new exposition of the museum was created. The main part of it is devoted to Odessa in the 1920s, to that Odessa, which Paustovsky described in the story "Time of Big Expectations". The exposition is framed in the form of an Odessa apartment of that period, where furniture, household items are located, the layout of the janitor in which the writer lived, books, manuscripts and memorial things of Konstantin Paustovsky.

No less interesting are the thematic expositions of the museum dedicated to the history of the Paustovsky clan "I am Viris in Ukraine", children's and foreign editions of his works. Several times a year the museum opens the exhibition, which shows materials not included in the main exhibition.

The open-air exposition devoted to the history of the city is open all year round in the courtyard of the museum.

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