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Museum of history of Ukrainian Cossacks
Museum of history of Ukrainian Cossacks

Eksposition of museum area is 120 square meters. Here is opened a permanent exhibition of diorams, and are organized exhibitions on the history of the Cossack and movement, the makets of cossaks ships.

There is a paint staking research work at the museum, we study the history of settlements of Odessa region, collected artifacts and documentary materials of the history of the region, we study the cultural traditions of the Cossacks. The samples of folklore, rituals, songs are recorded and carried out the reconstruction of the historical Cossack ceremonies (weddings, the wires to the army, the Cossack games, etc.) holidays (Trinity, Cover, Christmas holidays and the Spring Cycle holidays), create a unique atmosphere spirit Cossacks.

Museum along with cultural and educational center "Kozak-center" Palanca Youth NGO "Chernomorskiy district of Zaporozhye Cossacks" is the organizer of a co-organizer of more than 30 cultural events in Odessa and the region. Actively collaborates with Odessa Regional humanitarian center school education, the Faculty of History of ONU, Odessa Regional Museum, Department of Culture of the Odessa City Council and Odessa Regional State Administration, I.Gonchara Museum in Kiev and other culture institutes.

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