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Museum of Partisan Glory (catacombs)
Museum of Partisan Glory (catacombs)

The only Ukrainian underground museum was established in 1969 on the site of the oldest in the Odessa region Nerubayske catacombs. For several centuries the coquina was quarried here for the construction of Odessa.

The museum is a monument of the partisan movement in the Odessa region and , in particular, to the men of the squad of the hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Molodtsov - Badaev . During the year 70 people lived in Nerubayske catacombs were active in sabotage and intelligence activities were walled by Romanian invaders and   were almost killed. Currently genuine  Badaev camp , located two kilometers far from the main entrance to the catacombs is looded by groundwater. However, enthusiasts from the club "Poisk" (search) wereable to restore its original appearanceby archival documents and memoirs of eyewitnesses .

The Museum of Partisan Glory are:

- Household items of partisans;

- Samples of weapons and equipment of a staff;

- Archival documents, photographs and personal belongings of the partisans Odessa region;

- Samples of art of  Molodtsov - Badaev soldiers.

Museum of Partisan Glory consists of above-ground and below-ground parts, exhibition area of 1000 square meters. In the underground part , located in a specially fenced part of the catacombs, there is a recreated partisan camp where you can learn about the life and lifestyle of Badaev soldiers - the evidence of witnesses, the base unit was equipped with not only the bath and kitchen, but the shooting range, staff, male and female dormitories, recreation room and armory. In one of the branches of the catacombs there is a memorial hall with a group of sculptures and graphic works of partisans.

In the above-ground parts of the museum there are archival documents and photographs of the Odessa underground . This is the most comprehensive exhibition devoted to the partisan movement in the Odessa area, and not only about the partisan commanders , but also about the heroic fighters - sniper Lyudmila Paulichenka, gunner Nina Onilova , komsomol - Yasha Gordienko. One of the stands of the museum is dedicated to the famous for tourists Nerubayske catacombs, and among other curiosities here is a thank you letter to Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

In the above-ground room of the museum there is an exhibition devoted to the Great Patriotic War and the partisans of the Odessa region.

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