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Mendelevich's mansion
Mendelevich's mansion

Mendelevich's mansion, masterly combining the features of Art Nouveau and Renaissance, has been striking for more than 100 years with its decoration and design, remaining one of the heights of creativity of the architect V.I.Prokhaski. In the 1890s, M. Asvadurov bought the site, and in the period 1902-1907 it was bought by the grain trader Efim Yakovlevich Mendelevich, a merchant of the 1st guild and a member of the grain control commission at the Odessa Stock Exchange. It is also known that he was a relative of the owner of the Passage on Deribasovskaya Street - Moisey Yakovlevich Mendelevich.

The mansion was built in 1909 according to the project of the architect Vincent Prochaska in simple but monumental forms of the Florentine Renaissance. At that time, the architect Prokhask built only a few buildings according to his own designs, but from the very beginning of his creative activity, his houses were one of the most exquisite.

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