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Lanzheronovsky Descent
Lanzheronovsky Descent

Street-staircase, today known as an art object: during the Odessa International Film Festival and city holidays here are held Open-air film screenings.

The staircase and the retaining walls were built in the middle of the 19th century (architects P. Krug and K. Dallakva). The house at Lanzheronovskiy descent, 2 at the corner of the Polskiy descent, is especially well known: here since 1848 K. Papudov’s warehouse was in stock, in 1886 re-planned in a sheltered doss-house where famous Russian writers stopped: in 1891, A.M. Gorky, who worked for a while at the port as a loader, and in 1897 – Alexander Greene. Now here is the Odessa Merchant Fleet Museum and the Maritime Mission.

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