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Karantynnyi descent
Karantynnyi descent

The street leading from Shevchenko Park to the Tamozhennaya Square (Customs Square). The construction of the quarantine took place under the leadership of Richelieu and F. De Volan in the late 18th century. The quarantine descent separated the port customs from the city, where people and cargo who arrived by sea stayed for 40 days to prevent the possible penetration of the plague into Odessa. Later, according to the order of Count Alexander Fedorovich Langeron (governor-general of Novorossia and Bessarabia in 1815-1822), the carriageway was paved with laurel stone, which were brought in holds of Mediterranean ships as a ballast from Trieste, Genoa, Livorno, Naples and granite drawn from abroad.

In 2014, by the birthday of the city, young Odessa artists revived the retaining wall of the descent with silhouette drawings in the style of old stories about the life of the inhabitants of Odessa, they transformed the concrete walls of the descent into a real work of urban art occupying about 600 sq.m.

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