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Italian Courtyard

Courtyard was founded in the nineteenth century. Originally it housed merchant market. So the merchants were used to debate, and to clap hands to make a deal in this yard. And now here is the place where classical music is playing and admirers of musical talents are gathering. The corner of the "living" art is complements the exotic garden in tubs, which has been grown in the Philharmonic courtyard.

It was founded in 1894 on the corner of the Police and the Pushkin streets. The cost of its construction amounted  about 800 thousand rubles.

Italian Courtyard was built by the famous architect Alexander Bernardazzi in the style of the Italian Gothic with Renaissance elements. Inside the Courtyard, it seems that you are not at all in Odessa, but somewhere in Florence, Italy.

The marble arches above the windows, the angular jagged pinnacles, the Italian balconies chimeras as dragons - all looks exquisitely, and that pleases, is in good condition when compared with other Odessa yards.

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