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The house of Prokopeus / "Two Karls"
The house of Prokopeus / "Two Karls"

House of Prokopeus is the oldest survived documented building in Odessa. The house was built in 1796 and belonged to the retired lieutenant Ivan Nikolaevich Prokopeus, a Greek by birth.

Later, when the house no longer belonged to the Prokopeus family (Kalpakchi family became the new owners, also Greeks), there was the Pervushin and Sons wine trade, Baranovsky's dyeing shop, Gikhman's kerosene shop, and Postovsky's iron and hardware store. In the same house in the 1910s, the office and warehouse of the Odessa branch of the solid, with a million capital, the Russian Society of Colonial Trade, which not only had two telephones with separate numbers, but also its telegraphic address "Colonial-Odessa"

And, of course, residents of Odessa remember the legendary bar "Two Karls", which in Soviet times was located at the corner of Karl Liebknecht and Karl Marx. Now the streets have returned to their historical names - Ekaterininskaya and Grecheskaya.

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