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House of the City Credit Society
House of the City Credit Society

The house at 12 Gogol Street was built in 1881 according to the project and under the supervision of the Odessa architect Artur Luiks.

The House of the City Credit Society is the pinnacle of Luix's creative work, before that he created mainly houses of background development. The two-story house for the central office of a large financial institution was built in an eclectic style with a Renaissance influence; today it is a monument of architecture and history of local importance. According to connoisseurs of Odessa architecture, the architecture of the building anticipated the trends that developed in Odessa in the 1910s by about 30 years.

The symmetrical facade with three risalits (in the center and on the sides) is richly decorated with various stucco elements, the entrance portal is decorated with a mascaron depicting the patron of trade Mercury. The carved entrance door is equipped with original forged gratings, on which you can see the letters "O", "G", "K", "O" (Odessa City Credit Society). The financial institution worked here until the turbulent revolutionary times. What was the fate of the building after the events of 1917 - 1920, there is no reliable data. And from the time of liberation from the German-Romanian occupation until the early 1960s, the Main Post Office was located here (while its own building on Sadovaya was being restored), and then, until the second half of the 2000s, the House of Science and Technology. After the closure of this institution, the condition of the house required restoration.

The restoration and reconstruction of the building was carried out back in 2011: it was organized by the owners of the famous restaurant-club located in this house. The work was carried out with high quality and it is hoped that the house will delight the townspeople with its appearance for many more years.

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