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Babel’s House

Built in the late nineteenth century, it is known as the profitable house of Reich, where the great Odessa writer grew up since 1907. The family of Babel lived on the fourth floor of the house, in the apartment number 10, with a balcony to Rishelievskaya. On the facade of the house in memory of the writer a memorial plaque is installed, and in front of the house, at the intersection of Richelievskaya and Zhukovskjgo streets, in September 2011, on the initiative of the Worldwide Club of Odessites, a monument to Isaak Babel was erected. The complex of the monument stands on a natural Odessa pavement, representing, according to the authors (Sculptor – Georgy Frangulyana, architect – Michael Reva) elevated from the past relief of the old Babel Odessa.

After the restoration works, the deaf walls of the house, facing the yard, were decorated by artists with picturesque Odessa plots.

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