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Aquapark Odesa

Aquapark “Odessa” is located on 7 km of the Ovidiopolsky road, regular minibuses from the city center and from the bus station go there regularly. People can easily reach the park also from Tayirovo and from the seaside resort area of the Big Fountain. Already on the site you can choose the conditions for recreation: fun on slides, spend the day with the family on the water, sunbathe at the pool on the sun loungers or rent a whole shaded bungalow.

In total, there are 27 slides in the aquapark, and 3 of them are additional devices free, such as rugs, inflatable circles and “buns”. The longest slide in aquapark “Odessa” is a “Barrel”. Its length is almost 200 meters. And the highest one, 18.5 meters, is the “Rocket”. Many descents lead directly to the half-kilometer “slow river”, which runs around the entertainment complex.

In the aquapark “Odessa” there is a sandy beach, and next to it there is a large swimming pool. On the territory there is also one swimming pool, which was arranged in a zone for sunbathing. It is located away from the playground, all the conditions for a relaxed rest by the water are met here.

Children`s aquapark is called “Pirate Island” and is styled according to the nautical theme. Watching the children who splash around in the pool and go down the slides is very convenient. Nearby there is a spacious tanning area where parents can comfortably rest. The safety of the youngest visitors was taken care of in advance – the cost of a children`s ticket includes the use of inflatable vests.

For children under 3 years old enter is free. A child`s ticket is given to a child below 140 cm.

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