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Grand Prix
Grand Prix

The Grand Prix restaurant is comfortably located in the very center of old Odessa, in an old building dating back to 1825.

What can please you better than hospitality and a cozy atmosphere created for your pleasure and pleasant pastime! Everything is very French, with sparks of Mediterranean warmth!

Our guests become best friends! Here you will always be served with such dignity, and at the same time - with care, with a smile and understanding, with a personal approach: ... How do you always? .. It's nice when they remember your preferences and tastes.

The best products of Italy and France: cheeses, meats, wines... are transformed here into exquisite dishes prepared by us for you. Fresh greens from the local market! Buns baked by our baker in the early morning! Veal medallions with dor-blue sauce! For the sake of this dish, they come specially for lunch. And there are legends about our profiteroles. To enjoy them for dinner - reserve them in the morning! We are not pretentious, we are delicious. Yummy. What else is there to say?

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