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May Folk Fest. Performance of national ethnographic groups
May Folk Fest. Performance of national ethnographic groups

The idea of ​​an international folk festival has been in the air for a long time and the time has come to make it a reality.

It's no secret that representatives of more than 130 nationalities live in Odessa. All of them live in peace, harmony and respect for each other's culture and customs, which is a living confirmation of the motto of the European Union: "Consent in diversity".

The organizers and organizing committee of the festival set themselves ambitious goals and objectives, including:

- to create a high-level modern festival, which will act as an event that unites the inhabitants of Odessa and the region, as well as Ukraine in the context of the national goals and values ​​that are relevant today: the development of tolerance, the mutual enrichment of cultures, the opportunity to fully represent the national in the context of the multinational;

- to demonstrate that there is much more in common between different peoples than we can imagine;

- show Odessa as a multicultural region, where representatives of many nationalities live in peace and harmony. Uncover the potential of cultural heritage as a carrier of history and a factor in the preservation of identity, as a means and engine of a sustainable dialogue of cultures.

The result of our efforts should be the creation of an annual international project that will firmly enter the map of European festivals and to which numerous teams from Ukraine and Europe will strive to come. The festival will also open the tourist season in the region, introducing the tradition of tourists traveling to Odessa for the long May holidays.


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