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Art of getting inspired

Odessa has always been adored by artists, sculptors, writers and poets. It seems like inspiration dwells in every nook and cranny of the city, so it’s no wonder that here you can be impressed by one of the world’s most beautiful opera houses, diverse museums and galleries, peaceful gardens and amazing architecture. You can immerse yourself in one of the many musical, dance and literary and other cultural events hosted by the city. It’s an impressive performance for any master of arts.

Where cultures and destinies entwine

The very name of Odessa evokes the city’s special atmosphere, created by its location and unique mix of inhabitants. Sooner or later, everyone feels at home here. Nowadayspeoplefrommorethan 130 nationalitiesresideinOdessa.  Since its foundation, Odessa hosted numerous adventurous migrants (from artists to artisans, from merchant to mariners) from Italy, France and other parts of Europe. Follow in their steps for a while!  Every family, every yard, and every street can tell you its secret story, whether sad or happy, long or short, but always intriguing. Coming here, your impressions will surpass cultural boundaries!

Learning the meaning of life

The more sun – the more energy in your life. The more impressive the surroundings – the easier it is to learn. Do you have a goal, do you have a dream? Whynotachievethemwithpleasure! Come to Odessa to study Russian or Ukrainian languages, or learn the arts of cooking, painting, music and dance or develop you skills in sport (especially diving and yachting). If you do, you will discover that Odessa amply rewards those who strive for excellence. Enjoythepresentmomentwhilelearningforthefuture!

Home of health and happiness

The city is called Odessa-mama by its own inhabitants and Odessa-mama certainly knows how to take care of its locals and guests. Its warm sea breeze, sunny beaches, picturesque coastal areas and therapeutic mud from salt lagoons – these are the places which Odessa reserves for its renowned health resorts and treatment facilities. These are the places which Odessa dedicates to our health and healthy life-style. Discover Odessa’s 6 km “Health Track” – favorite route for walking, jogging, cycling and rollerblading. Smile, enjoy and get more healthy impressions! 

Fabulous holiday impressions all year

Holiday is a lifestyle of Odessa! Bursting with romantic acacia blossom in the youthful spring; a paradise of fun during the hot summer; mellow muds and colorful markets in a golden autumn; and fabulous feasts to see through crisp winter! Simply put, Odessa welcomes visitors at any time of year and always has something special and memorable in store for them with its festivals, bright nightspots, theaters, music clubs and just boundless joy. Odessa says, holidays are meant to last forever!

Odessa's taste

Odessa’s taste is not only the taste of vegetables and fruits on the stalls of markets, the biggest of which is Privoz, it is more than 200 cafes and restaurants, able to satisfy any taste.  Odessa cuisine was born due to entanglement of cultures and nationalities. Famous chops from kilka, forshmak, tzimmes, aubergine pate, fried gobbies — this list of Odessa’s dishes is far from being completed. Itisreally tasty. TheycannotdootherwiseinOdessa.  AsZhvanetskysaid: “IlikewhenIfeelgoodinstomach”

Meeting point for professional excellence, business and trade

Odessa, founded as a crossroad of cultures and intended to be an important trade port, is nowadays considered to be the “Southern capital” of Ukraine. It is an excellent location for business and professional conferences, seminars and exhibitions all year long. This city knows the value of international exchange and welcomes visitors from all over the world. Joinusandsharetheexcellence!

Odessa is a regional centre that, together with the neighbor towns of Illyichevsk and Yuzhnyy, forms an important industrial and commercial complex of Ukraine and offers wonderful opportunities to combine business and leisure tourism.

Odessa is one of Ukraine’s most dynamic business travel destinations offering an increasingly wide choice of alternatives for business travelers in terms of accommodation and conference facilities. Today the city can offer more than 8800 beds in 160 hotels. Odessa has  a well-developed infrastructure for various types of events (fairs, congresses, music and sport performances).

Many important events have been organized in Odessa recently such as: Black Sea Cruise 2010, Transport Week 2011, 11th International Symposium on Maritime Health.

Cruising in Odessa

Life is a journey but don’t let daily routine dictate the destination. Get ready to choose; be guided by the wind of new impressions! Traveling to Odessa by sea will afford you a myriad of precious vacation memories. You can write your own adventure story, sunny, bright and breezy; you can find the best impressions here, full of the history and culture of Odessa and the surrounding area. Enjoy the city and enjoy your journey there!

Odessa, Ukraine’s main gateway to the sea, must therefore be reached by ship at least once! This city welcomes cruise passengers from all over the world and offers them boundless impressions.

Once you come ashore, it is time to start exploring this energetic and cosmopolitan city, rich in history, culture and arts. After spending a few days in Odessa city and region you can continue cruising on the Black Sea. Odessa is the best departure point to go on a ferry or boat trip to Varna, Istanbul, Batumi and other major Black Sea ports.

Go beyond Odessa for even more impressions

Why confine yourself to the city limits? There are many impressive locations within easy reach of the city  centre to amaze you.

Here is a sample:

·  Start your exploration from “Kilometre Zero”;

·  Explore the paths of ancient nomads and the Cossack country around Tilligul Liman;

·  Visit the medieval “white citadel’ of Akkerman at Belgorod and taste the wines from the adjacent vineyards;

·  Smother yourself in the natural spa mud at Kuyalnik and feel your skin tingle with vigor;

Float gently down the stream of the beautiful Danube through its delta to the Black Sea, where pelicans and herons fell the sky.

With so much more to see in Odessa region, impress yourself by visiting the countryside!

Important Digits

City founded September 2, 1794

City area236, 9 km2 (91.5 sq mi)

Average elevation 40 m (130 ft)

Highest elevation65 m (213 ft)

Population1 003 705

Density6,141 km2 (15,910 sq mi)

Time zoneEET (UTC+2),
EEST (UTC+3) in summer

Area code+380 48

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