Main things to do in Odessa

1. walk around the Odessa Sea Port

2. count the number of steps of Potemkinstairs

3. find the House with one wall

4. check whether the Bridge of Mother-in-law’s really vibrates

5. visit Old Odessa’s nook

6. see a monument to the fruit, which rescued Odessa

7. taste Odessa cuisine

8. catch Wi-Fi near the Monument to a Steve Jobs

9. discover who invented the first cinematograph in the world

10. try mineral water from a healing spring

11. get therapeutic mud from Kuyalnik Estuary

12. learn the legends of Odessa catacombs

13. visit Leonid Utesov’s appartment

14. find the first and the only monument to the creator of Esperanto language

15. listen to a brass band in the City Garden

16. sit on the 12th chair

17. сверить часы по «Одесскому времени»

18. visit Odessa Opera and Ballet House

19. count the number of names on the Stars Avenue

20. visit Sculpture Garden

21. have a ride on the most famous observation wheel in Europe

22. have a swim with dolphins

23. see the sunrise at the beach