Ekaterina II

Hotel "Ekaterina II" is named in honor of the Empress Catherine the Great, by decree in 1794, which founded the city of Odessa — "Caledonia "!

The building in which the hotel is located in Odessa, "Catherine" - a monument of architecture. Built in 1905 by architect JM Dmitrienko for the famous Odessa landlord and patron MN Mavrokordato . On the facade of the house is the longest and most famous in Europe balcony. In 2008 the building was renovated and equipped with all necessary modern equipment.

The building of the Odessa hotel is located in the heart of historic downtown on the corner of St. Catherine and the Greek , in the heart of the cultural and business life. The famous Potemkin Stairs, Primorsky Boulevard, Deribasivska street , the Opera and Ballet Theater , Sea , literary and archaeological museums , the Maritime Station , all located within walking distance of the hotel , as well as other attractive tourist spots and shopping centers. Our hotel is a rare gem of Odessa hospitality.