Actor's house

"Actor's House " - a private mini hotel in Odessa , which is worth visiting .

Private Hotels in Odessa, Odessa hotels or inns in Odessa, what to choose when going on a vacation in our picturesque town ?

We offer apartments " Actor's House " - Breakfast Club (Odessa, Fontanskaya road , 74/ 10) as a new format mini-hotels in Odessa by the Sea ( prices listed on the " Rooms ").

It is conveniently located in one of the most prestigious sites of the 11th station of Big Fountain is 300 meters from the sea.

Private hotel in Odessa " Actor's House " is located at a distance of 8.5 km from the international airport of the city , - 7 km from the railway station, and - 10km to the bus station.

Most of the prices for hotels in Odessa are markedly different depending on their location, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that at the low price of the rooms and services at our inn very high standard and excellent quality.