Mozart Hotel

The hotel «Mozart » in Odessa has an atmosphere of cosiness and hospitality. The famous odessian uniqueness makes it unforgettable.

The hotel is situated in the very heart of the city so the central streets , boulevards, museums and unique «Odessa’s yards» as well as boutiques of the famous brands are in immediate proximity to the hotel. The windows of the hotel are overlooking Theater Square so the world famous Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is right next to the «Mozart».

The interesting fact is that The «Mozart» was reconstructed as a copy of Odessa Aristocrat Club, which was situated at this place in the early 19th century. As many other hotels of Odessa of that period, it was built in the Empire style.  Another advantage of the hotel is the location 20 minutes drive from Arcadia, well-known center of the city life, especially the nightlife, which is also the pride of the city.