In the heart of the resort area is located in the luxurious greenery of the hotel complex "Marrion".

We offer you a comfortable holiday in one of the picturesque and popular areas of Odessa. Warm sea, clean air, filled with the smells of the sea and acacias, remoteness from busy roads, create favorable conditions for recovery and recreation.

Here you will find an excellent combination of conditions for rest and work. Thanks to the successful layout of the premises, it is possible to hold a business meeting or a meeting. Bar

What would you like to feel away from the city bustle after a hard day? Of course, I want to plunge into the atmosphere of warmth and comfort, harmony and comfort.

Do you want to sit with friends, with your girlfriend, have a drink, have a snack, listen to music, watch a football match of your favorite team?

This can all be done in the bar of our hotel complex.