The residence of St. Nicholas in Odessa

January 3, 2018 г.

   This year, for the first time in the "ART-HOMESTONE", after more than a hundred years, the residence of St. Nicholas and the Christmas market will open. The tradition of Christmas fairs with a den, angels, a Bethlehem star, carols, gifts from St. Nicholas was lost in the Soviet years and replaced by Santa Claus and the celebration of only the new year (and the old New Year). With traditional fairs, songs, gifts, goodies, and not forgetting about charity and miracles. Opening the residence of St. Nicholas, we want to focus the attention of all our guests on the essence of Christmas, good, charity and care for loved ones, it is not by chance that St. Nicholas patronizes large families, orphans and sailors.In the Odessa residence of St. Nicholas, all guests will have free access to the Christmas market with traditional delicacies and souvenirs, thematic master classes, plunge into the Christmas atmosphere in St. Nicholas's mansion, take a photo in the den and other photo areas, write a letter to St. Nicholas and invite him to his home, or receive a personal congratulation.

  The residence of St. Nicholas in Odessa, will open on December 16 in "ART-Usadb" at the address: Odessa, Lidersovskiy Boulevard 13

  Free admission!

  For more information call +38 098 100 1880