Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater on antique open letters

March 9, 2018 г.

9 March at 4 pm

Odessa House-Museum named after N.K. Rerich invites Odessa citizens and guests to the opening of the exhibition "Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater on antique open letters" from the collection of Anatoly Drozdovsky, honorary member of the Odessa Collectors' Society, honored philatelist of Ukraine, filocartist.

The exhibition will be held under the auspices of the Odessa Committee of the Pact of Culture and Peace named after N.K. Rerich in the program cycle "Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater as an object of world cultural significance".

Exhibition terms: 9.03.2018 - 2.06.2018.

Entrance free

Museum address:

Odessa, Ukraine, Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 47

Tel. (048) 715-58-58, (048) 728-77-56, (063) 150-90-88