Atonal reality. Viktor Sidorenko

June 9, 2018 г.

Within the IV International Music Festival Odessa Classics

Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art presents

Exhibition project of Viktor SidorenkoAtonal realityMay 31 at 15:00 in the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art Art will host the opening of an exhibition project of one of the most outstanding and influential artists of Ukraine Victor Sidorenko.Opening of the exhibition on June 31 at 15:00As part of the Victor Sidorenko projectAtonal realityDISCUSSION PLATFORM - ROUND TABLETopic: METAREAALITY: FROM INTENTION TO VISUALITYTime: June 4, 2018 р. 14.00 -16.00Location: Odessa, Museum of Western and Oriental Artul. Pushkinskaya, 9.

Free admission