The exhibition «Somebana: the art of Japan in Ukraine» 

March 27, 2017 г.

On the 28 of March at 15:00, in the exhibition hall of the Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collections named after A. V. Bleshunov (19, Polskaya Street) will take place the opening of the exhibition of artificial flowers Marina Vitkovskaya, made in the Japanese technique Somebana. 

Somebana — man-made floral art, creating flowers from silk. This technique is recognizable thanks to the expressive manner of painting and a special assembly of the flowers ("Bana" — flower, "some" — coloring). Considered as one of the most difficult to master it takes a long time to learn and be able to create a variety of plant species. 

Marina Vitkovskaya has more than five years of experience in a flowerwork, she is the first and the only owner in Ukraine of the Certificate of the school Somebana from Japan. Marina, like her Sensei, Ms. Sayoko Yasuda wants Somebana to become as worldwide famous as ikebana.