Citizens of CIS countries, the European Union, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Canada, the USA, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San-Marino and Japan, who stay in Ukraine within 90 days, do not need Ukrainian visa. Citizens of other states should receive a visa in Consulate of Ukraine or Consular Section of Embassy of Ukraine in your country.

Standard period of visa receiving – 10 working days, including the reference date.  For urgent visa receiving (in 3 days) the double price is charged.  Crossing the border of Ukraine at the border checkpoint they stamp your passport. Besides, you will have to fill the immigration form, which you should save till you leave the country.

The foreigners enter (leave) Ukraine across the border entry points on the national boundary by means of national passport and upon the existence of visa (if another order is not foreseen by Ukrainian legislation). All categories are filled by diplomatic representatives and consular establishments of Ukraine abroad.  

Registartion of Foreigners

Since 1st of July 2001 registration of foreigners, who enter Ukraine according to established procedure (for 90 days term), and their passports is made only in border entry points of Ukraine. The furthest registration of foreigners who legally stay on the territory of Ukraine is not conducted at the law enforcement agencies.

Entrance (leave) of foreigners in Ukraine is regulated by:

-   Legislative act of Ukraine “On legal status of foreigners” dated 4 February 1994.

-  Rules of entrance and leave of Ukraine by foreigners, their transit travel by Ukrainian territory (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 29 December 1995 № 1074)

-  Visa document layout rules for the entrance of Ukraine (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 20 February 1999 № 227).

To visit Ukraine, citizens of most foreign countries (except abovemetioned ones) should receive Ukrainian visa. Ukrainian visa is formed by Consular Section of Embassy of Ukraine, situated on the territory of the country where tourist lives or by the Embassy of Ukraine in the nearest country.

Documents for visa

  • passport (valid for not less than 6 months after supposed arrival from the country);
  • 1 filled established standard form ;
  • 1 photo;
  • original invitation (guest, business or invitation from Ukrainian tourist company that has a license of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine);
  • medical insurance.

For receiving tourist visa (T) one should submit documents that confirm the touristic feature of the travel to Consular Section. These documents can inclede:

  • voucher, that was given by tourist organisation of host country;
  • tourist permit, given by tourist organisation of Ukraine or payment confirmation of accommodation in the Ukrainian hotels, that deals with tourism 

Ukrainian Consulatereserves the right to ask for  other documents not mentioned above. One should submit documents in advance because not all Consulates render such service as "urgent visa" and visa receiving can take a lot of time. 

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