Beijing Duck

Chinese Restaurant "Beijing Duck" was opened on December 25, 2003. The successful location and original interior, combined with high-quality cuisine immediately attracted a large number of visitors. After several months of work, many of them became regular customers. A special feature of the restaurant is the desire to fully recreate traditional recipes and forms of serving Chinese cuisine in general, and one of its specialty dishes in particular. Our chefs who come from the Northern and Southern regions of China, give the opportunity to taste the most favorite dishes of these regions. Only in our restaurant you can really make sure of their professionalism of preparing a specialty dish - "Beijing Ducks", which the chef personally takes to the hall and at the restaurant guests shows his skill in serving a meal.

The menu of the restaurant will amaze you with its variety of dishes, and will dedicate you to the exciting secrets of Chinese cuisine. Everyone knows that in China, when preparing dishes, a huge variety of seasonings and spices is used, we also use many kinds of natural seasonings that convey to the dishes that unique flavor and taste of the Celestial Empire.