The design of the restaurant is made in the noble style of the 19th century. The old mansion will greet you with a rich palace interior: cobbled paths illuminated by street lamps, will lead you to the summer area, located in the garden among the lawns, fountains and sculptures. For connoisseurs of classical music and a romantic mood in the restaurant there is a piano room. A chic fireplace room with soft leather chairs for a long and relaxing stay. The atmosphere of summer and exotic abundance will give its visitors a winter garden.

Specially for men in the restaurant “Alexandrovsky” prepared a wine cellar and a cigar-brandy room. Combined with a glass wall, these halls form a real “male territory” – a place for unhurried rest, refined pleasure and emotional security. The highlight of the restaurant is a collected collection of works of art: Western European and Russian paintings, applied art of the countries of the east, porcelain, silver. In the restaurant menu – the best dishes of Russian and French cuisines, desserts and a smart wine list.