Tavernetta is a provincial Italian restaurant in Odessa. Place for those who read something about Italy, and for those who went there 15 times a year. Tavernetta is not an Italian project. It is a place for those who like this one genuine Italian province that can be shown in Odessa -  2,000 km far from Italy. Chef -  Andrew  Velichko - was specially taught in Europe. The choice was made ​​deliberately as a chef of Italian restaurant in Odessa must first of all be from Odessa becauseto feed Odessa people and to feed the Italians is the worl of difference. In  Tavernetta they cook simple Italian food from local products. The exception, of course, are those products that we do not grow and produce. Flour, olive oil, cheese, capers, anchovies and some other products are Italian . Everything else is definitely our best !