Steakhouse.Meat and Wine

It is always attractive to talk about real restaurant. Only clear statements are coming to the mind.
An island of romance and charm, atmosphere of confidence and reliability. Cozy and stylish environment, variety of dishes in menu, and  things we are our proud of — meat and wine — everything that you need to have romantic rendezvous, business meeting or friendly dinner. 
But when you are talking about «Steakhouse», it is desirable to avoid any strict and convenient definitions, any points over «i». 
Unique and the only restaurant in Odessa — truly creative laboratory of meat course, that works by its individual technology. And if to add to it one of the best wine collections in the city — then will appear real relation to the restaurant — not just as to business, but as to creative and live process. 
Feel the real taste of life in «Steakhouse».