"We do not believe in the restaurants that  entertain and feed at the same time. Therefore, we do not have plasmas and show programmes. We are working on a task to raise the gastronomic level of Odessa, developing a restaurant dedicated to food and nothing else . The most important thing we have is in your plate!

We are fully convinced that to feel the real taste, flavour and texture of good product can only the one who  absorbed the basis of his national cuisine from the very childhood. Therefore, we an Italian in a kitchen staff. Yes, authentic Italian food is only in Italy . But we do our best to make it authentic in Odessa.

We are creating a project for us and sympathetic people, the place where we eat and spend time ourselves . We don't  save money on the products and their quality - we buy the best. If the purchased product is non-demanded , it wll be removed from the kitchen until the expiration date. Our project is definitely not a charity one, but environmental friendliness and good name for us is much more important than the payback period .

We just take high-quality products and try to show their natural flavor . Here is a new type of restaurant project . We believe that such  campaign would be appreciated. "