Cafe Cannoli

Confectionery «Cannoli» - sweet music from Italy

Chocolate and lemon tarts, neopoletanskaya pastera, Tartuffe, biscotti, minidelitsiya, Bignay, Charente-Maritime, Croquembouche, Tartuffe, cannoli, tiramisu, fregollota - as well this may sound sweet music of the Italian confectionery Odessa «Cannoli». It is a place where real masterpieces. We are able to realize the most incredible fantasy sweet tooth.

Holiday confections in Odessa

Furthermore favorite tiramisu, classic Italian cookies, here the first violin playing all kinds of desserts with berries. Thanks to easy, gentle confectionery Odessa real Italian holiday lodge in your home for a long time. Anyone who really wants to hear real music of the Italian dessert - welcome to the pastry shops in Odessa, where you will be offered sweets to suit every taste. But a special place yet cakes. They can be both classical forms to the size of a football field. A berry, chocolate fillings will drive crazy any sweet tooth.

Authentic Italian pastry shops will replace «Cannoli»

Here, too, you can find and classic confectionery Odessa, which will help you to evaluate the Italian cuisine. Italy, in addition to its mild climate, beautiful landscapes, and the masterpieces of famous for its desserts. This is no accident. After all, Italians are known far beyond the borders of their country as incorrigible sweet tooth. Desserts this bright and hot country - a successful combination of elegance and high quality. Also, our pastry shop in Odessa can offer you and such unusual combinations such as: candy, which has replaced sugar ginger, pepper or other spices. Or desserts with nuts or cheese. We also you can easily find a gentle, concealing mouth pastries with various flavors: cherry, chocolate and raspberry, caramel coffee and bergamot,. Interpretation in the style of Italian lightness and elegance - all pastry shops in Odessa «Cannoli», where the same are used only the highest quality products.