Ukrainian Theatre

In 1903, the entrepreneur of the Odessa City Theatre A.I. Sibiryakov paid for the construction of the theatre building and embodied the dream of own premises for a Russian drama troupe that did not have a permanent place for performances. In pre-revolutionary Odessa, Sibiryakov Theatre invited outstanding artists and musicians, among them – Maria Savina, Isadora Duncan, Mark Kropivnitsky.

Since 1925 the Ukrainian theatre “Gosdrama” settled down here. Remarkable innovative production of Vasily Vasilko “After two hares” was a sensation and had a huge success. Later, the director staged more than 30 performances, most of them entered the “golden fund” of the Ukrainian National Theatre. Not only Ukrainian playwrights, including Ivan Franko and Lesya Ukrainka, but also the world-famous masterpieces of Berthold Brecht, Sholom Aleichem, Mickiewicz, Pushkin, Gogol and Shakespeare performed on the stage of the theatre.

In 1995, the collective of the Odessa Ukrainian Theater was given the name of Vasil Vasilko.

Today the theatre continues to delight the audience with the productions of Ukrainian and world classics, plays by contemporary Ukrainian playwrights.

The performances of the actors of the Ukrainian Theater under the open sky are interesting (the show “Tіні забутих предків” (“The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestries” was held on August 24, 2016 on the Independence Day on the Theater Square in front of the Opera Theatre).

Today, performances of the Odessa Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after V. Vasilko – prizewinners of many theatrical festivals.

The building of the theatre is an architectural monument of the early 20th century.